Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mia turns the big 2!!!

In April, Mia turned 2! It was a ducky themed party and Mia had fun playing with her cousins and friends!! Thank you everyone for making Mia's special day even more special!

Mia blew out her candle and then asked for a fork to eat her cupcake! We all thought that was pretty funny and she ate the entire cupcake with a fork!!

This was the only face Mia would give us for a family picture.

Ducky cupcakes that Auntie Kimi made.

Snow fun!!

So back in February the Kestersons joined us in Pioneer for some snow fun! Unfortunately when we got there...the power was out. We stayed in hopes that the power would return. It was surprisingly warmer outside with the snow then it was inside the we ate lunch in the garage and headed out to the golf course for some fun!

Aren't they so cute!?