Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family Baby Shower

Last night, my two aunts threw Joey and I a baby shower. It was so nice. The centerpieces were beautiful (just my style), the food was yummy and the company was good! Lots of family came to help Joey and I celebrate the upcoming arrival of baby Penner. A big thank you to everyone!!

Here I am...almost 34 weeks. Only 6 more weeks to go! Yeah!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

31 weeks and counting

As of Tuesday, I am 31 weeks along. Only 9 more weeks left! We are excited, nervous, scared, happy and every other emotion in between. The pregnancy has been good so far (knock on wood). I have been feeling good besides the fact that my stomach feels like it can't stretch anymore. Joey and I just finished our child preparation classes. We learned a lot and left feeling a little scared of the labor and delivery part. I have to remind myself that billions of women have gone through it and have survived. 5 more weeks of work! Yeah!

Mountain Living!

My parents recently purchased a vacation house in Pioneer (20 minutes past Jackson). It has been really nice to get away from Lodi and to relax at the house. Vanessa, Joel, and Beau came to visit a couple of times and they were lucky enough to be there when it snowed! The dogs love the snow! Who knew? We (including the dogs) all enjoyed sledding in the "backyard" (aka: Mace Meadows Golf Course).

Lisa and Charlie

Milo and Molly (my parent's dogs)

Mokey (Lucy wouldn't sit still long enough for a picture!)

My parents bought Beau this hat for Christmas! Doesn't he look cute?!

Vanessa and Beau taking a ride on the sled.

Lisa after a ride down the hill.

Gigi hitching a ride on the sled.